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Renewable hydrogen-ammonia 'energy and servicing' hubs     

Electric vehicles are here, and they are already radically changing the way transport and transit systems are being planned.   Whether powered by electricity from on-board batteries, or by electricity from on-board hydrogen fuel cells, EVs require new thinking about how vehicles will be refueled in low-carbon economies.

Autonomous ride-share vehicles have much greater usage (more than 70%) compared to private vehicles (around 4%).  Countries in Asia are already assessing how autonomous vehicles can reduce congestion, improve transport efficiency, and break reliance on carbon-intensive, polluting fuels like diesel and gasoline.

Autonomous vehicles don't need traditional service stations to refuel - they will use intelligent systems to return 'back to base' for recharging (of batteries) and refueling (of hydrogen for fuel cells).

Renewable Hydrogen has developed a concept that addresses this need - a centralized energy and servicing hub powered by renewable ammonia, delivering battery-charging and hydrogen charging all from one carbon-free, renewable ammonia fuel reserve.

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