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Infrastructure for renewable hydrogen-ammonia production and export     

Renewable energy export is not only carbon-free and sustainable, it will be a major new source of sustainable jobs, investment and export revenue.


If renewable ammonia-hydrogen replaces just 1% of global oil consumption, that will mean renewable ammonia production of more than 100 million tonnes per year.   How big is that?  

If Australia wins just 25% of that new clean ammonia production, that would require around 35 new renewable ammonia production plants all bigger than the largest ammonia plant in Australia today.  Tens of billions in investment, tens of thousands of sustainable jobs.

To protect Australia's sensitive coastal areas, much of this new renewable ammonia production and export capacity can be built offshore - ideal for renewable hydrogen-ammonia production, which uses only water, air and renewable energy.


These large offshore platforms would be connected by high-efficiency transmission cables to the solar and wind resources well inland.

Renewable hydrogen export via offshore ammonia synthesis could be a major new part of the infrastructure for renewable energy exports from Australia to meet the carbon-free energy needs of the Asia-Pacific region.

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