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Renewable Hydrogen - What we do

We develop projects and intellectual property for industrial scale, carbon-free renewable hydrogen supply chains.

Since 2012, Renewable Hydrogen has worked to develop projects and unique intellectual property to produce, export and use carbon-free renewable energy, using hydrogen gas - stored for bulk transport as liquified ammonia - as the carrier.  RH2 is working with major corporations, government agencies and investors to create the supply chains needed to power carbon-free freight, mobility and industrial development across the Asia-Pacific region in the 21st century.


Before the 1970s, the technology for liquefaction of natural gas had not yet been commercialised; natural gas was a domestic energy source.  Liquefaction technology enabled the modern LNG trade to develop from the 1970s, and we now take for it granted. Indeed, Australia is now poised to be the world's No. 1 LNG exporter.


In just the same way, today's renewable energy and hydrogen technologies enable us to produce, store, liquefy and transport renewable energy for use globally - in bulk, transported by ship, rail, road and pipeline.  

Renewable energy is no longer 'intermittent', or 'variable'.  It is no longer small scale.  Renewable energy, initially stored as hydrogen gas then liquefied for bulk storage and transport as renewable ammonia, is available full time, all the time - reliable and versatile, for carbon-free mobility (cars, buses and trams), power generation, fertilizer production and industry.

Renewable Hydrogen has developed new intellectual property to enable the infrastructure projects, business models and funding solutions to underpin this new zero-carbon liquid fuel system.  

Water - H2O - is 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.  

The hydrogen in water is the same as the hydrogen in hydro-carbons (diesel, coal, oil, gas).  

Hydrogen is the energy molecule.

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