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ARAEM - What we do

To invest in production infrastructure, suppliers need customers - customers need confidence of supply.  In the new world of carbon-free liquid fuel, to get the industry started and accelerate investment, help is needed to bring customers and suppliers together, and to coordinate policy and funding support.

Australian Renewable Ammonia Export Marketing - ARAEM - is a specialist facilitator and advisor, established to help accelerate the commencement and scale-up of renewable hydrogen-ammonia supply chains.  

ARAEM works independently from Renewable Hydrogen, enabling ARAEM to work with customers in any country to source renewable hydrogen-ammonia supply from any Australian project, producer or supplier.  

ARAEM's role is to build the connections between countries and companies looking to import renewable hydrogen - customers - and project developers and suppliers keen to build production and distribution infrastructure to supply renewable hydrogen.  ARAEM aims to help create commercial and finance solutions enabling renewable hydrogen-ammonia trade to commence, and to grow.  

Investors, financiers and operators have over 150 years experience in trade in fossil fuels. But industrial scale trade in zero-carbon renewable fuels is new, and help is needed to provide certainty of supply volume and price, to underpin initial production volume and to support growth.  

ARAEM has been formed to provide focus, experience and support to the companies, government agencies, funding parties and investors, seeking to invest in this exciting, new, world-changing market.

Andrew Want, CEO of ARAEM, has nearly 40 years' experience in law, policy, finance, project development and renewable energy.

Few people globally have the experience, contacts and knowledge Andrew has accumulated in relation to renewable energy exports, and the development of renewable hydrogen-ammonia supply chains.


Over the past 6 years, Andrew has engaged with major companies, government agencies, multi-lateral agencies, technology providers and financiers all along the renewable hydrogen-ammonia supply chain.

Through ARAEM, Andrew is now able to apply his unique experience to help begin, and grow, the Hydrogen Economy.


Enabling the Hydrogen Economy 

It's a new world for energy trade. Now, carbon-free renewable energy can be produced, stored and transported in bulk, at industrial scale - just like fossil fuels.

Renewable hydrogen energy storage, and liquid ammonia shipping and distribution, makes this possible.  Here and now.


ARAEM exists to help parties - corporate, financial and governmental - to identify and manage risks, design supporting policy and commercial arrangements, so the trade in renewable hydrogen-ammonia can begin and grow.

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