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Renewable Hydrogen export gains pace

In a further sign of the increasing recognition of the huge potential for Australian renewable energy exports, the Western Australian Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development is convening a 'Renewable Hydrogen Conference', to be held in Perth in August 2018.

Western Australia's Pilbara region has led the development of Australia's position as one of the world's leading LNG producers and exporters, building on the Pilbara's long history of iron ore development and export.

With exceptional solar and wind resources, huge land areas, and strong Indigenous leadership, WA is now in an exceptional position to become a leading region for the supply of zero-carbon energy to the Asia-Pacific region in the form of clean, renewable hydrogen.

The Renewable Hydrogen conference initiative of the Western Australian government follows engagement by Renewable Hydrogen Pty Limited with WA's Department of State Development and both the former Department of Regional Development and new Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development - as well as the Pilbara Development Commission and Karratha City Council - since 2012.

It also comes as other States, notably Queensland and South Australia, increase their focus on Renewable Hydrogen export as potential major expansions of their industrial and economic base.

For countries such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan - with the need for major increases in clean energy supply as they transition to low-carbon and low-nuclear energy systems, and for ASEAN countries including Singapore seeking to dramatically reduce reliance on diesel and fossil fuels - the emergence of potential supply competition between Australian States presents multiple benefits.

Diversity of regional Renewable Hydrogen supply, and competition between projects in different regions across Australia, will ensure depth an security of supply while assisting to accelerate supply cost reductions.

Renewable Hydrogen Pty Limited has developed unique intellectual property for both 'supply side' and 'demand-side' infrastructure needed for large-sale Renewable Hydrogen export.

Reflecting the sensitive coastal, cultural and heritage values in WA, Queensland and South Australia, supply side development is likely to include large-scale offshore infrastructure - similar to that developed in recent years for LNG export. Renewable Hydrogen P/L has developed IP for offshore renewable hydrogen export via renewable ammonia.

For 'Downstream' distribution and use of renewable hydrogen - in countries receiving renewable hydrogen supply via ammonia - Renewable Hydrogen has developed IP for Distributed Energy Hubs capable of providing both clean electricity and clean hydrogen transport fuel.

New connected vehicle and autonomous vehicle systems will also have a major impact on the shape of transport, transit and mobility systems in the Asia-Pacific region. Land-constrained, highly urbanized countries - such as, for example, Singapore - are seriously investigating the potential for battery-electric and hydrogen-electric mobility to transform their urban transport systems.

Anticipating these Renewable Hydrogen has developed the AVESH platform.

The WA Renewable Hydrogen Conference represents a further step in the maturing of appreciation by Australian Governments that Renewable Hydrogen export will shape Australia's role and engagement in the Asia-Pacific.

Renewable Hydrogen Pty Limited will continue to work stakeholders - both government and industry - in WA , South Australia, Queensland and other States to accelerate the development of this major new export industry for Australia.

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