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Renewable Hydrogen

Zero-carbon fuel and energy for the Asia-Pacific Region

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Welcome to the present.   The Asia-Pacific Region can now be powered by clean, transportable, renewable energy  -produced in Australia, shipped at bulk industrial scale.

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What is renewable hydrogen?

​Renewable hydrogen is renewable energy - solar and wind, tidal and wave energy - stored safely in the form of hydrogen gas, made from water.

By storing renewable energy as zero-carbon hydrogen gas, renewable energy becomes permanently available - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  No longer intermittent, no longer variable.

Solar and wind power for our cars, buses and trains, for our electricity, industry, and agriculture - no carbon, no smog.   Just clean, reliable, renewable energy wherever and whenever it is needed. 

What is renewable ammonia?
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Hydrogen gas is lighter than air - it takes a lot of storage space to ship and transport hydrogen in bulk as a gas.  

But clean hydrogen can be easily liquefied for bulk storage, export and distribution, just as fossil fuels like natural gas and diesel are today.

This is where 'renewable ammonia' comes in.  


Renewable ammonia is clean hydrogen, in liquid form. Liquid ammonia is almost 18% hydrogen, so it is a very efficient way to transport clean hydrogen.    


For over 115 years, ammonia has been transported in bulk and used for fertilizer, refrigeration, and to stop dangerous nitrous oxide emissions from fossil-fueled power generation.

Now, renewable ammonia enables international transport and trade of renewable energy.  

Renewable energy can now be produced where it's most efficient to produce it, and moved in bulk for use where it's needed - anywhere, at any scale, any time.  

Renewable energy can now be transported in bulk liquid form, by sea, rail, road and pipeline.  Renewable ammonia is a liquid fuel providing all the flexibility and reliability we associate with fossil fuels, but with zero carbon.​

Renewable Hydrogen and Renewable Ammonia

 Australia has many times more renewable energy than the Australian economy will ever need - enough to power our whole Region - enough solar and wind to power the world.  


The Asia-Pacific region - engine of global economic growth and development - needs clean, carbon-free energy for transport, power and industry  


But most of Australia's neighbours across the Asia-Pacific Region have limited solar, wind and land resources - not enough to produce all their own renewable energy.

The solution is clear: Asia can now import renewable energy, just as Asia has historically imported fossil fuels.  Australia's renewable energy can now be stored and transported, providing carbon-free energy security, powering sustainable growth across the Asia-Pacific.  


Clean, secure energy supply for Asia's growing transport, power, agriculture and industry needs - unlimited scale.

Carbon-free growth and energy security throughout the Asia-Pacific - renewable hydrogen.

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How can the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region achieve economic growth and development targets and also achieve Paris Agreement carbon reductions? 

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