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Renewable enrgy export - How itworks

Brett has honours degrees in Economics and Law (Monash University).


Brett has been involved in arranging funding for infrastructure projects in Australia for over 30 years. Major infrastructure funds he has established include the International Parking Group (BOOT Car Parks for public hospitals currently valued at approx A$200 million), the Australian Sustainable Investment Fund (forestry investments for carbon credits) and the Regional Infrastructure Fund (invested in regional sale yards throughout Australia).

Brett has played a key role in the development of Australia's clean hydrogen industry, working with major corporations in transport, energy and IP development.   He has unique experience in project development for renewable hydrogen and renewable ammonia production and export.


Brett serves as Chairman of Metro Parking Pty Ltd (the manager of the International Parking Group’s portfolio of car parks), and was a founding director of Aramax International Pty Ltd which developed a large span steel roofing system, now operated by BlueScope Steel.


Since 2012, Brett has been focused on development and funding strategies for Renewable Hydrogen's portfolio of export projects and intellectual property.

Andrew's accumulated knowledge and experience of global developments in renewable hydrogen and renewable ammonia supply chains is unique.   

Since 2008, Andrew has focused on renewable energy and energy reform, climate change and sustainability, and particularly solar energy.  In 2010, he completed a Master of Laws in these fields.


Since 2012, Andrew has worked in Australia, Japan, Korea and Europe, with leading corporations, government bodies and research agencies, to establish industrial-scale renewable hydrogen-ammonia energy supply chains. 

Since 1989, Andrew's Australian and international experience - first as a partner in a internationally-linked law firm (working in corporations law, property law and infrastructure privatization), then for 10 years as a CEO in the financial services sector in Australia and Asia, and then as CEO of a solar energy innovation company - has provided Andrew with unique insights into the commercial and policy issues in Australia, Asia and internationally affecting development of renewable hydrogen-ammonia supply chains. 

Through ARAEM, Andrew provides advisory and facilitation services to support the commencement and growth of renewable hydrogen-ammonia supply across the Asia-Pacific Region. 

New energy export industry - new thinking 


The world is used to industrial scale trade in fossil fuels, but not in renewable fuels.  New clean industry needs new thinking.  


We apply unique experience, knowledge and perspectives to to  accelerate development of renewable hydrogen-ammonia supply chains for the Asia-Pacific Region.  


Brett Cooper

Chairman, Renewable Hydrogen

Project and Intellectual Property development, renewable hydrogen-ammonia production and export

Andrew Want


Commercial, funding and policy solutions for renewable hydrogen-ammonia trade

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