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A new, zero-carbon liquid fuel system for the Asia-Pacific Region.  
A new future for Australian energy exports.  
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Our vision is for Australian renewable energy to power carbon-free growth, development and energy security throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Secure, safe, carbon-free, renewable energy supply will be essential to underpin growth and development in the Asia-Pacific in the 21st century, for our children, our grand-children and generations beyond.


Australia, the region's leading energy provider and No. 1 LNG supplier, can now meet the region's needs for industrial scale renewable energy supply, using hydrogen as the means of storage and bulk transportation. 

Our vision is for a new $40 billion p.a. clean energy export industry, generating sustainable employment and investment for Australia and for economies across the Asia-Pacific region, growing to a scale to match Australia's LNG industry by 2030.

Renewable Hydrogen Pty Ltd (RH2) and Australian Renewable Ammonia Export Marketing (ARAEM) are independent companies, working collaboratively, to accelerate development of a zero carbon energy export industry for Australia, and clean energy security for the region.

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Renewable energy at real industrial scale.  Secure, reliable zero-carbon energy for our region.


Hydrogen storage of renewable energy changes everything.  


Renewable energy - solar and wind power - can now be cost-effectively stored as renewable hydrogen, and then liquefied for bulk export and distribution by ship, rail, road and pipeline.  Just like fossil fuels, but with no carbon.  


Think about the implications ... Australia's massive solar and wind resources can now provide economical, carbon-free fuel for transport, power generation and industry across the Asia-Pacific region.


Solar and wind power costs have plunged - new low cost records are set every year.  


These dramatic cost reductions mean that the Asia-Pacific Region can make the transition away from reliance on carbon-intensive fuels like diesel and gasoline - and transition to a new, carbon-free energy system.


Australian solar and wind energy can now be produced for export, on a truly industrial scale, at world-leading low cost.  

Renewable hydrogen and renewable ammonia - carbon-free energy security 

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